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What kind of service do you provide?

Graphic design for print is our area of expertise. We design, you get the file or we print it for you. You’re starting a new business and need a logo, business card, and other stationery? Getting married or have an anniversary or big party coming up? Or you want to spruce up your Facebook page with some fresh colourful graphics? We can help. Do you need a website to let everyone know of your existence? We can help with that, too. Send us an email to with any queries.

What do I need to do?

It’s simple. You tell us what you need, we will send you an estimate. If you’re happy with it we will start and send you a first draft within three working days. Logo design takes a little longer, after all we’re creating the best solution to make your business look professional. You’ll see our first ideas within five working days. When you’re happy with it, we’re done. Otherwise we’ll make you happy.

How to contact you?

You can reach us best by sending an email to or use the contact form on this website, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. If calling us is more your style you’re welcome to do so, too. See our contact details below.

What does it cost to hire you?

We don’t have a set price list, we rather listen to what you require and put together a unique proposal based on your needs. The easiest way to get a quote or more info is to contact us and tell us what you need. It’s also important to remember that you are not simply hiring us to ‘design something’ but rather to listen to your needs and to build a relationship to help your business grow.

What do I get in the end?

We are specialised in graphic design and web development. This is our expertise, so we provide print-ready files (high resolution pdfs) or jpgs, pngs, depending on your needs. It’s easy: You can take (or send) the files to a printer of your choice, maybe one that you’re familiar with? You can pick your preferred stock (paper) there on the spot, hand over the file, done.

If you prefer us to take care of the printing for you, we’re happy to do that, too.

We are working on a freelance basis, so we have to ask you to cover the costs for your project prior to releasing the final artwork. Please note, we cannot give out the native original files. Since this is not what you need for print or web anyway, that shouldn’t be a problem.

What about the warranty of your services?

We will make every effort to ensure the final product is free of any grammatical and spelling errors, before giving the final product to you. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors contained in the final product. We are not responsible or held liable for any errors contained in the final product after the final product has been committed to print or posted in view of the public. You will receive sufficient proofs to make sure everything’s the way it’s supposed to. If anything looks funny to us, we’ll point it out to you, just to be sure.

When can we get started?

To ensure that each client gets their deserved attention, we can only take on a few projects at a time. Just send us an email to quickly check our availability.

Will I be happy with the outcome?


Did not find the answers?

In case you have not found any answers here or you have more enquiries to ask, please feel free to drop us a message and we will contact you back very soon.

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What do we do?

It might be easier to ask what we don’t do. You name it, we probably do it. Brochures, menus, logos, stationery, posters, wedding invitations, and more. Not sure? Contact us and ask.

Who are we?

We like to think our clients are our friends, and that we deliver more than just graphic design. We deliver a pleasant experience in addition to top notch work. Read more about us.

Why Kreativkitchen?

We speak your language. No artsy-fartsy double talk here. We have 15 years experience in graphic design, typography and pre-press. Most importantly, we love what we do and it shows.