Logo design

Your company’s logo is the centrepiece of your brand, and the symbol for everything that your company represents. A customer should be able to quickly connect your logo with what it is you do.
See some of our logo designs below.

What makes a good logo?

It’s simple

You want a single, simple visual image that the customer can easily connect to your organisation. Complicated logos can be difficult to distinguish at a distance or when a smaller version of the logo is used. Make sure your logo design includes simple shapes so the customer can recognise it quickly and easily.

It works in colour and black/white

Your logo will likely be used on a few different mediums. Some can accommodate colour, while others will just be in black and white. The fewer colours you use in your logo the better, to ensure it is easily recognisable in both colour and greyscale. Not only that, it can also be a lot cheaper to print. As above, simpler is often better.

It works without words

It’s easy to forget that a logo is not a business card. Your logo will likely need to be displayed in many different places in many different sizes. This is why we often develop logos in portrait and landscape views (tall and wide). It is fine to include the company name or tagline when possible, but your official logo needn’t have either. Why? If your logo is printed in small sizes, the words will often be illegible.

Your logo should work in all its forms

No need to meet

We understand that most clients don’t have a lot of time. That’s why we offer our services mainly online. Thanks to email and internet it’s super easy to get things across the way you want them to. No need to meet unless you want to.

What do we do?

It might be easier to ask what we don’t do. You name it, we probably do it. Brochures, menus, logos, stationery, posters, wedding invitations, and more. Not sure? Contact us and ask.

Who are we?

We like to think our clients are our friends, and that we deliver more than just graphic design. We deliver a pleasant experience in addition to top notch work. Read more about us.

Why Kreativkitchen?

We speak your language. No artsy-fartsy double talk here. We have 15 years experience in graphic design, typography and pre-press. Most importantly, we love what we do and it shows.